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I’m happy to develop a training or consultation package that works for you, put together a proposal or just get straight down to a brief. I also offer licensing options on training packages.

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Community management, moderation and engagement

I offer:

  • bespoke training and consultation in all aspects of coScreenshot-2016-03-09-21.19.12mmunity management, engagement and moderation;
  • support with community engagement and co-design processes from initial scoping to final implementation;
  • coaching and self care workshops for moderators or community members;
  • training for peer supporters;
  • content for social media; and
  • moderation services.


Copywriting, editing and online content development

psychosisI can:

  • write and update content for your website or blog;
  • engage with your audience to find out what they want;
  • edit content to make it suitable for your readers;
  • manage your information production process from initial scoping to final edits; and
  • work to the Information Standard.

Research and reporting

I can:

  • Screenshot-2014-06-19-15.48.46run consultation workshops on or offline;
  • run focus groups on or offline;
  • design and analyse evaluation surveys;
  • conduct scoping and competitor analysis; and
  • report with suggestions and guidelines.


Previous clients 

These are just some examples. Here is a full list of current and past projects.

Community management, moderation and engagement

Screenshot 2016-09-05 18.58.03Radio 1 Sunday Surgery – moderation, support and signposting on Radio 1’s Sunday Surgery Facebook page during broadcasts on work and study, body image, relationships, cyber bullying and benefits.

Mind – online community consultation workshops, moderation guidelines, moderator training and co-design of a new app, new functionality and wellbeing content.

Contact a Familysupported CAF to co-design and develop community moderation processes and guidelines. Developed volunteer roles for their new community platform. Provided ongoing moderation and staff moderation support for seven months.

OCD Action –  ‘Introduction to moderator skills’ training (bespoke sessions)Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.01.23.

Action on Post Partum Psychosis ‘Providing online peer support’ training workshops and follow up (four bespoke sessions).

The Katy Piper Foundation reviewed forum guidelines, moderator training and safeguarding procedures.

Leeds Mind and NHS Leeds South Screenshot 2016-09-05 18.58.39and East CCGAn introduction to moderating online communities’ training (bespoke sessions).

The Mix moderated real time support chat sessions, moderated The Mix discussion boards and comments and trained new moderators.

City Year – self care training session for City Year volunteers.

The Miscarriage Association – reviewed forum guidelines and implemented recommendations.


Copywriting, editing and online content development

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.08.55Mind –   eight detailed online resources and information booklets on mental health. Money and mental health hub highly commended in BMA Patient Information Awards, also receiving runner-up in the Self-Care special award.

The Mix (was  mental health information for 16-25 year olds.

A series of articles on sexual abuse, gang life and breaking free from crime for 11 – 16 year olds.

The Miscarriage Associationonline information resources and a leaflet about miscarriage for young people (highly commended in BMA Patient Information Awards, also receiving runner-up in the Youth Resources special award).

Radio 1 (BBC Advice )- Reviewed and updated Radio 1’s BBC Advice page for young people on mental healtheating problems and disordersanxiety and stress and body image.

The Mix and Lloyds Banking Group Money for Life projectStudent debt explained and 12 ways to keep your money safe.

BUPA – 26 articles for a Workplace Wellbeing Hub

The British Lung Foundation – section on children’s lungs and schools leaflet on air pollution.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 18.59.04YouthNet – OCN accredited on and offline course ‘Giving Relationships Advice Online’ (developed and delivered).

YouthNet – ‘Understanding anxiety and depression’ training course for volunteer peer advisors.

The Miscarriage Associationsix good practice guides for health professionals and learning summary page.

Standard Issue‘Dear Clare’ and ‘A bitter pill’

The Telegraph‘Mum said it was for the best – why young women need miscarriage support fast’.

The Guardian – ‘Why I volunteer at Christmas

The Recovery Letters – published in The Recovery Letters book

Centre of Excellence Online a series of blogs to complement online courses

New Level a series of blogs on exercise and mental health

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.01.31RSCPP ‘Overcoming barriers to accessing therapy’

Taskforce Digital – ‘7 ways to promote peer support in your online community’ and ‘Your charity Facebook page, a marketing space or a support forum?

One In Four‘Managing mental health in relationships’


Research and reporting

Time to Changeseven ‘Organisational Healthcheck’ reports.

OnePlusOne – competitor analysis and report of existing online relationship support services.

The Miscarriage Associationon and offline consultation workshops for young people.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.16.22The Miscarriage Associationresearch and report with health professionals and service users to inform the development and accreditation of new learning films and good practice guides.

Mind – online community consultation workshops and evaluation survey design.

See work and projectsrecommendations and my LinkedIn profile for more detail. 

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