Recommendations & feedback

A scrapbook of recommendations and feedback that I’m particularly proud and happy to have received:

Wow! This is a wonderful example how good consultation and understanding your audience can lead to great quality information! The Miscarriage Association has identified a need for materials to support young people, who have different experiences and support needs. The consultation, planning, and promotional plans show excellence in producing health information. This shows through in the end products – high quality and extremely well-tailored to the audience. The insight and thought that has gone into this is commendable. Take for example the ‘what happens when you call our helpline’ page – simple, highly visual, concise and reassuring information to encourage young people in need of support to dare to pick up the phone – the overall impression is one of kindness. Just wonderful.

Dr Hannah R Bridges – HB Health Comms Ltd

Thank you for an engaging and informative workshop. The content was exactly what we had hoped for and was delivered in an interactive way that meant I was able to get the answers to questions that have been challenging me for the last 6 months.

I left the workshop with lots of answers, and clear way forward in developing moderation for our online peer support community. I also now know where to go to get the answers to any further questions that I have.

Your workshop has helped us find answers to some of the dilemmas which we were facing around moderation and enabled to move forward in a confident and informed way that will ensure the success, sustainability and safety of our online forum.

Kathy Engler – Peer Support Manager, Leeds Mind

We have worked with Clare to develop our online community and her expertise and professional manner have been invaluable. She works with us as one of the team and it is easy to trust her to deliver high quality work. Her manner with users and staff alike is fantastic and she has helped us to find bespoke and resourceful solutions for building and developing our online community. Thank you Clare!

Jemma South – Head of Communications and Marketing – Contact a Family

Clare created fantastic bespoke moderator training and helped us develop our brand-new survivors’ community. She went out of her way to ensure that the training met our needs exactly by engaging in various in-depth discussions and learning about our sector. But beyond that, she also helped us to build our vision for the community and the community guidelines; created an editable handbook for our future use and changing needs as the community grows; and offered ongoing support with tweaking the training as the forum develops.

The training itself was simple to understand but well-rounded and very comprehensive. Our moderators told us they thought the session was very positive, interesting, inclusive and approachable, and that the mix between group discussions and presentation was very helpful.

Clare was great to work with: patient, understanding and thorough. The training she developed and delivered was exactly what we needed. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Venice Fielding – Community Engagement Project Worker – Women’s Aid Cardiff

It was such a fantastic day, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Thank you so much for all of your hard work before hand and on the day – it was incredibly useful for myself, as well as all the volunteers who attended, and I feel much more confident going forward. I’m so glad my colleague found your info online, you have such a brilliant understanding of OCD and tailored the training perfectly to fit with our Charity.

Olivia Bamber – Media and Communications Officer, OCDAction

“A thorough, well-paced and thoughtfully structured workshop. A great introduction to the topic providing plenty of points to consider.

Zoe Ward, Senior Communications Officer, NHS Leeds South and East CCG

I just wanted to say what an amazing author you’ve been to work with, you’ve got such a lovely writing style and a real dedication to developing your content so that is supportive, respectful, and really connects with your readers. I’ve been really impressed by all your hard work and how thoughtful you are. Mind is lucky to have you writing for us.

Katherine Dunn, Editorial Information Officer, Mind

I have reviewed a number of pieces for Mind and this was the most comprehensive and easy to  navigate and understand. It was written simply but not simplistically and had a great deal of information written in an informative and straightforward manner.

Lived experience reviewer for Mind

I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on this resource. It’s been really rewarding and interesting to work on, and the content was of the highest quality right from the get-go.

Nick Ridgman – Head of Health Content at Bupa

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I’m really pleased we had the opportunity to get your feedback. Kerry Montgomery – The Katy Piper Foundation

Your input has been invaluable and I know you’ve gone above and beyond; we really appreciate this. Ezinna Rospigliosi – The Katy Piper Foundation

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Clare has demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills through her report writing and interview delivery on the Healthcheck project. She has been able to effectively build relationships with employees within the organisations she has been working with and comprehensively manage and deal with sometimes quite sensitive conversations related to mental health, discrimination and challenging situations in these work environments. Clare has also delivered a number of workshops as part of the Time to Change project which aims to introduce adults to the 5 ways to wellbeing and gain trust and understanding of the Healthcheck project to aide involvement in this consultation, thereby demonstrating her ability to reach people from all diversities and create a safe, nurturing environment for sensitive conversations. Furthermore, Clare has managed workload effectively, often working independently on the Healthcheck project and has consistently met deadlines. Chantal Mendes, Organisational Engagement Manager, Time To Change

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   Rec 2 Christine

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….thank you

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